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Thomson House School

Thomson House School

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At Thomson House School we believe that every child should have the opportunity to enjoy a rich and varied maths curriculum which enables them to develop confidence and resilience in the subject.  At Thomson House we have adopted a mastery approach, leading children through their learning with concrete manipulatives through to abstract representations, as we believe that this ensures the maths curriculum is accessible to all children, allowing them to develop firm and lasting foundations upon which they can grow and develop their understanding, reasoning and problem solving across a range of contexts.  We deliver thought provoking daily maths lessons using the PEER structure, affording every child the opportunity to prove, explain, explore and re-apply their learning, with each step deepening their level of understanding. We encourage all children to express themselves using the correct mathematical language and vocabulary in every lesson. 

Through this, we want to make maths exciting and enjoyable for every child, allowing them to build their conceptual understanding before applying their knowledge to everyday problems and contexts.