Thomson House is dedicated to creating a serene and warm environment, integrated with its surrounding community. The school is in the Borough of Richmond upon Thames, in Mortlake/East Sheen. The area offers numerous green spaces and plenty of outdoor learning opportunities.  It is well-served by overland rail (it is adjacent to Mortlake train station) and by buses. 

Thomson House opened in September 2013 at the former United Reform Church on Vernon Road, SW14 8NH. Our first two classes of 2013 are located here, as will our 2014 reception classes.


In addition, the Council has leased Thomson House’s Trust The Old Court House on 27 Sheen Lane, Mortlake, SW14 8HY. We have successfully secured planning permssion for the creation of classrooms at this site and work has begun on this site.  

Our objective at full capacity is for the Lower School (Reception to Year 3) to be at the Court House and the Upper School (Year 4-6) on Vernon Road.  


For admissions in 2015, the point from which distance from front-door will be calculated remains the Court House.