Aims and values

Thomson House aims to cultivate the habits and arts of excellence and wellbeing, so that its pupils may flourish, achieving academic success and leading fulfilling lives. To achieve this, Thomson House anchors its curriculum on three fundamental qualities: curiosity, kindness and courage.

Our Pupil Aims


Thomson House aims to kindle the spark of curiosity in its pupils. Our teachers will be passionate about learning and they will be first-class professionals. They will foster inquisitiveness and they will empower our pupils with the skills to explore the world around them. With rigorous foundations in English, Mathematics and Science, our pupils will be disciplined and creative thinkers and confident communicators. Oracy underpins our learning throughout the whole curriculum – we encourage questioning, reasoning, debate and justification. Thomson House aims to exceed national averages in pupil attainment for each and every pupil in English, Maths and Science.


Thomson House passionately believes that its pupils' wellbeing is inextricably linked to that of their communities. Therefore, it aims to promote an ethos of kindness and community service throughout the school: Thomson House specialises in character-building education and is currently pioneering the Richmond Award Scheme, a character-building educational scheme for primary schools, which encourages our pupils to help in the community in which they work and live. Thomson House is also dedicated to a green agenda, including a walk to school programme and healthy schools.


Thomson House believes that courage is a fundamental quality in empowering pupils to flourish. Our pupils will be confident and resilient, with an utter belief in the power of effort. They will have the courage to seize opportunities, to fail and pick themselves up, to sing outside of the choir. To foster this, we will build a culture of high expectations, give three hours a week of physical education, an extensive enrichment programme, a first class Wellbeing Programme and place a strong emphasis on public performance.

An all round education:  

We offer a truly broad curriculum, so as to identify, nourish and celebrate each child’s individual gifts, for we believe that the arts and habits of excellence are common to all subjects. We offer three hours of sport and two hours of music a week, a broad enrichment programme from Reception, the Richmond Award School (Duke of Edinburgh scheme for the primary stage) and a philosophy for children programme built into our English curriculum. We expect our yearly external independent assessment to comment on the range of engaging activities offered by the school.  

Excellent teaching: 

We recruit ambitious teachers who are passionate about learning and demonstrate dedication to their pupils and to their own practice; we then invest heavily in their continued development, including yearly training into creative approaches to teaching to deliver our 2 to 5 rule, whereby for every 2 minutes of speaking, there should be 5 minutes of activity on the part of the child. We aim for our teachers to set ambitious targets for every single child and to engender outstanding levels of engagement and progress for their class. We expect our yearly external independent assessment to comment on the outstanding progress of pupils and quality of teaching.

A focus on family:

We want our pupils to learn in a place where people know each other well, treat each other with respect, and where nobody falls through the cracks; we want our school to have a warm family atmosphere and to establish a solid partnership with families. Therefore we have an open door policy, we offer weekly parent workshops, we deliver a high quality, polished and ‘consumer-focused’ experience for our parents, and demonstrate care also via small but important everyday gestures, our Headteacher welcoming all pupils into school each morning."