Aims and values

Thomson House aims to cultivate the habits and arts of excellence and wellbeing, so that its pupils may flourish, achieving academic success and leading fulfilling lives. To achieve this, Thomson House anchors its curriculum on three fundamental qualities: curiosity, kindness and courage.

Our Pupil Aims


Thomson House aims to kindle the spark of curiosity in its pupils. Our teachers will be passionate about learning and they will be first-class professionals. They will foster inquisitiveness and they will empower our pupils with the skills to explore the world around them. With rigorous foundations in English, Mathematics and Science, our pupils will be disciplined and creative thinkers and confident communicators. Thomson House aims to at least match the levels of pupil attainment of outstanding primaries in the Borough: we aim for 95 per cent of pupils to achieve Level 4+ in English and Mathematics and more than 60 per cent to achieve Level 5.


Thomson House passionately believes that its pupils' wellbeing is inextricably linked to that of their communities. Therefore, it aims to promote an ethos of kindness and community service throughout the school: Thomson House will be dedicated to a green agenda, including a walk to school programme; it will use elements of the hugely successful service learning programme in its Extended Enquiry; it will pioneer the Richmond Award Scheme, a scheme for primary schools, which will have the same ethos as the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme.


Thomson House believes that courage is a fundamental quality in empowering pupils to flourish. Our pupils will be confident and resilient, with an utter belief in the power of effort. They will have the courage to seize opportunities, to fail and pick themselves up, to sing outside of the choir. To foster this, we will build a culture of high expectations, offer three hours a week for Physical Education, an extensive enrichment programme, a first class Wellbeing Programme and place a strong emphasis on public performance.